Woman who harassed a man after setting up a fake account on Grindr has been jailed

Yannick Glaudin was handed a 13 month prison sentence


Words: Steve Brown

A French woman who sent intimate pictures of a man she met on Grindr to his family, friends and colleagues has been jailed for more than a year.

Yannick Glaudin, 31, posed as a man named Steven St Pier on the gay hook-up app and persuaded a man to send her sexual photos and videos during a ‘disturbing campaign of harassment’.

The pair exchanged phone numbers, email addresses and even the victim’s CV as he was job-hunting, the Metro reported.

The victim had doubts over her true identity and ended their online-only contact in December 2017.

Glaudin continued her harassment and stalked the man and his then boyfriend by sending footage and images to people they knew using fake identities.

She also reported them to the police on multiple occasions to falsely accuse him of assault and paedophilia.

Her harassment reportedly escalated when the victim started a new relationship with another man.

The victim’s now ex-boyfriend’s friends were contacted by Glaudin – who used names such as Harry Wars and Nick Guel – over Facebook and Instagram and made false accusations about him.

In March 2018, a false report was made to Crimestoppers claiming the boyfriend was ‘abusing a young boy and was linked to a known prostitute’.

Another fake report was made to the police pretending to the victim’s boss which stated he had ‘seen videos of underage sex on a laptop’.

A number of men came to their flat after being contacted by someone using the first victim’s name, the court heard.

Glaudin fled to France but yesterday (March 2), she was sentenced to 13 months in prison at Inner London Crown Court.

While in court, the ex-partner said the experience had been ‘hell on earth’.

He said: “I suffered the extreme shock of constant, insidious daily harassment at home, work and on every online channel I was registered on, by someone completely anonymous, using multiple aliases.

“The perpetrator has accused me personally of being a paedophile, impersonated me and my partner online via dating applications, sent multiple strangers to my home demanding anonymous sex, followed me… home, and taken photographs of our front door and taunted us about it.”

According to the Metro, Judge Silas Reid said the woman was driven by ‘revenge’ after her victim broke off contact and described her behaviour as ‘designed to cause maximum upset’.

Reid said: “It’s difficult to understand why you did what you did other than that during the period of your offending you were consumed by jealousy and a desire for revenge.”

Glaudin was sentenced to 12 months for a charge of disclosing private sexual photos and films with intent to cause distress, four months for one count of harassment without violence and four months for one of stalking without fear, alarm or distress.