Watch: Tom Hardy cuddling dogs is the most important thing you'll see today

Having spent approximately 80% of last week revisiting Tom Hardy's raunchy old MySpace photos, Alan Carr's return to Channel 4 for a new series of Chatty Man last Friday has provided us with this week's dose of mania-inducing Tom Hardy hotness. tom hardy Paying tribute to what is now our new favourite Instagram account 'tomhardyholdingdogs', Alan introduced the eternally-delectable Legend star to an, erm, wide-ranging array of new breeds - proving once again that the only thing greater than a man's love for his dog is our love for a hot man with a dog. Watch the agonisingly cute meetings below... Just FYI, if you hover over 1.05 on part two, you can listen to Tom utter the words "I've got to grab his cock, haven't I?" to your heart's content (or until you give your mouse clicking-finger a repetitive strain injury). Happy Monday folks! More stories: After Queer as Folk, Charlie Hunnan isn’t phased by explicit onscreen sex Demi Lovato: 'If a straight guy sang about experimenting they'd be uproar