Watch an exclusive clip for new drama ‘Into the Mirror’

The new movie will arrive on Amazon Prime on November 22


Words: Steve Brown

The new original and powerful drama Into the Mirror is set to be released on Amazon Prime this month and we have an exclusive clip for you.

The film follows Daniel – played by Jamie Bacon – who is a sensitive young man who has recently moved to London and has landed what appears to be the ideal job.

As he climbs the career ladder, Daniel is finding life harder and harder as he struggles with his demons.

Following the death of his mother and the fall out with his father, Daniel is left reeling and his overbearing boss Harry (John Sackville) is making his life more difficult.

Continually bullied to join in on debauched nights out, Daniel doesn’t feel he belongs in this world but after co-worker Blue (Beatrice May) introduces him to another way of life.

Now, in our exclusive interview we see Daniel meet drag queen Jennifer – played by Charles Streeter – for the first time.

Watch the clip below:

Into the Mirror was written and produced by the stars of the movie, Bacon and Street, and marks the debut of director Lois Stevenson with Richard E Grant as associate producer.

The film will be available on Amazon Prime from November 22.

Watch the trailer for the new movie below: