Victoria Scone 'begged' doctor to let her stay on Drag Race UK

Drag Race's first cisgender female queen says she was 'in denial' about the seriousness of her knee injury.


Victoria Scone has admitted she "begged" the doctor to let her continue on RuPaul's Drag Race UK series three.

The franchise's first ever cisgender female queen opens up about her untimely exit from the competition this week as as she joins Attitude and Tia Kofi (her 'drag mother') for Tea Time, in association with Taimi, the world's largest LGBTQ+ social and dating app.

This week's episode saw Victoria depart the competition after a knee injury she suffered during episode one's top two lipsync was deemed too serious for her to continue in the competition.

Asked by Tia how she felt when she received the news from the doctor off-camera, Victoria replies: "[The doctor]'s probably traumatised, because I was begging and begging and begging to stay, even though I knew full well I was not well enough to stay. I wouldn't have been able to have performed to the best of my ability. I was definitely in denial of how injured I was, it was quite bad.

Opening up about her injury, the Cardiff-based queen goes on: "It was a partially-torn ACL - luckily I didn't need any surgery because it wasn't a full tear. It was absolutely agonising if I'm honest, but I was just pretending it wasn't so that I could stay in the competition to be honest with you! But wouldn't you?!"

Questioned on whether she was given an opportunity to say goodbye to her series three sisters before departing, Victoria replies: "No, absolutely not. I did not, I was literally shipped out of there. No, honestly I didn't get to say goodbye. I remember it was very much 'go, go, go', and I think I wrote Charity [Kase] a note to say 'here's my number, text me if you get out'."

On a potential return for series four, Victoria says: "You know as much as I do. As Ru said, 'We haven't seen the last of her', and that is literally as much as I know; that's as much as I've heard.

"I mean, series three is still on the telly, so it's a bit early days. But I have not been asked yet."

Episode two of Drag Race UK series three saw Victora named the 'biggest competition' by Krystal Versace. Asked who she'd have picked as her biggest threat, Victoria quips "my knee", before adding: "Probably Krystal [Versace] as well I guess, I think you could see from episode one that we were probably frontrunners.

"And Charity [Kase]. I think Charity's runways are definitely getting overlooked as of yet."

Victoria continues: "I think I'm Team Charity. They are bringing something new to the competition, all their runways have probably been a bit overlooked so far, something literally never-before-seen, original, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous. 

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"And they are just unapologetically themselves, hairy legs and all. [I] love it. Women can have hairy legs - and drag isn't just about trying to look like a woman, whatever a woman is. And I like that Charity embodies that in every way."

Despite her unfortunate early exit from the competition, Victoria's run on Drag Race UK series three as the franchise's first cisgender female contestant remains a historic moment for the show - and one which Victoria acknowledges was "very important".

"People see themselves reflected in me, and we forget how important representation is, and people need to see themselves on TV to make them feel validated."

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