Trans man 'disgusted' after barbers told him they 'don't cut women's hair'

20-year-old James says he was refused service at Horwich Barbers in Bolton over the weekend.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: James/Manchester Evening News 

A trans man in Bolton says he is "disgusted" after being told by a barbershop that they "don’t cut women’s hair". 

20-year-old James, who has chosen not to publicise his last name, went to Horwich Barbers on Saturday 8 January, but was denied service even though he's been to the same barbershop three times.

James, who works as a pub chef, says he transitioned two years and was chocked by the behavior from the barbers.

"I felt disgusted"

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News (M.E.N), James said he was told upon entering Norwich Barbers: "We are open but we don’t cut women’s hair". He adds made him feel ashamed.

He told the paper: "Since transitioning, things haven’t been the easiest to talk about or anything like that. I felt disgusted being treated like I didn’t even matter.

"I felt so bad and ashamed of my body. Due to me being transgender, being called a woman is very hurtful and disrespectful.

"It would be good to put a highlight on this issue due to there being so many people who are scared to go outside without being judged on what they look like or sound like and scared of being misgendered."

A representative for the barbershop told the M.E.N that "a staff member kindly explained we only have barbers qualified for men's haircuts," and that they "are not qualified to cut long hair."

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