Three men viciously attacked in alleged homophobic attack in Washington DC

One of the men required seven staples in his head following the attack


Words: Steve Brown

Three men were viciously attacked in an alleged homophobic hate crime leaving one needing staples in his head.

The victims were enjoying a night out in the Number 9 bar in Washington DC last week and after leaving the club, they were attacked.

One of the men was punched in the head and slammed against a glass window. He was knocked unconscious and required staples in his head to close the wound.

Timothy Luke took to Facebook to post about the attack and images of their wounds.

Writing on social media, he said: “Many homosexual and derogatory slurs were stated during this attack, however, I am unable to firmly state whether this was a hate crime or just a heinous attack.

“Police have designated the attack “potentially being motivated by hate or bias.”

All three men needed to go to ER for treatment but his husband, Andy Jackson, suffered the worst wounds and needed seven staples on his scalp.