Teenager set on fire and left for dead after being lured on Grindr

The assailants partially severed the 18-year-old victim's penis in the harrowing attack in St. James, Jamaica.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Pexels

An 18-year-old in St. James, Jamaica was set on fire, brutally disfigured, and left for dead after being tricked by three anti-gay thieves on Grindr.

According to local outlet The Gleaner, the victim was recently targeted in Flankers, Montego Bay after arranging to meet a man via the app.

He then had his phone, wallet, and bank cards stolen by the assailants, including the man he'd made the arrangements with.

"Critical condition"

After being unable to withdraw cash from the victim's bank account, the men returned to where they were holding him to douse him in rum, set him on fire, partially sever his penis and leave him to die.

A police officer told the outlet: “They returned to where they were holding their victim, and on this occasion, he was forced to transfer money into an account that they gave him."

The rep added: "He is a very lucky young man because although they left him in a critical condition, he managed to make his way to a security checkpoint in the community where they assisted him to the hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition."

Responding to the news, Human Rights Watch LGBTQ+ researcher Cristian González Cabrera said in a statement to The Advocate: “Authorities in Jamaica should send a message that such crimes against LGBT people will not be tolerated by urgently conducting a thorough and independent investigation into the case to bring those responsible to justice."