Tan France reveals someone asked him for a French tuck in a public toilet

Has anyone tried the French tuck?


Words: Steve Brown

Tan France revealed someone asked him to French tuck them in a public toilet.

The Queer Eye fashionista spent most of the first season showing the Heroes how to look good by simply tucking in the front of their shirt into their trousers aka a French tuck.

He used the fashion trend so much on the series that even Netflix posted a video on their YouTube account counting how many times he suggested it.

Check out the video below:

And while speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tan revealed strangers have asked him to French tuck them in public – with someone asking him in a toilet.

He said: “They ask me for a lot... it's usually something called a French tuck.

“What I find very strange is — it's called a French tuck because you just tuck in the front of your shirt.

“However, when you just say it to a stranger — and I'm a stranger to them, they don't really know me — they'll come over and they'll say, ‘Will you French tuck me?’

“It sounds really vulgar. Especially by a urinal… In a public restroom! 

“Why would you follow me in and then ask me to French tuck you whilst I'm out?”

Watch Tan’s interview below: