Students at a Georgian school say a Gay-Straight Alliance club will 'push' homosexuality on pupils

A petition has been launched calling for the club to be banned


Words: Steve Brown

Students at a school in Georgia have launch a petition banning a Gay-Straight Alliance club claiming it will ‘push’ homosexuality on the pupils.

One pupil, Mason Rice, is trying to introduce a GSA club at Fannin County High School, in Georgia, to allow LGBTQ students find support and to feel safe.

Mason told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I feel like it’s very important, because this town – there’s a lot of people who don’t support gay people.

“I feel like if we had a support group to go to, that would be better for them.”

However, his request to bring the club to his school has faced backlash after a petition was set up by classmate Emily Deal who claims the petition will ‘push’ homosexuality onto other students.

On, the petition – which has received more than 1,200 signatures - reads: “Some students have even gone as far as saying they would drop out of school if this does go through.

“They won’t let us bring religion into the schools so why is it okay to bring this into schools?”