Shania Twain gets over her ex in 'Life's About To Get Good' video

Shania Twain has finally blessed us with the video for her comeback single 'Life's About To Get Good'. The country superstar released the song, which is about getting an over an ex and learning to enjoy life again, earlier this summer and we've been eagerly awaiting a video ever since. Well, the it's finally here and we're certainly not disappointed. The clip starts with a forelorn Shania chilling at home as she struggles to get over her ex. She picks up a brochure for an exclusive resort and before she knows it, the resort comes to her with an army staff getting her out of bed to enjoy her life again. The video's highlights include Shania finding an innovative way of cutting her ex out of old photos, and a sequence in which the staff help her organise her closet, giving Shania an opportunity to don the iconic outfit from the 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman' video. The video ends with a renewed and rejuvenated Shania walking on water and celebrating her new zest for life. Queen. 'Life's About To Get Good' was one of eight tracks Attitude heard at a listening event for the new album. Shania is the sole songwriter on Now, which she also co-produced, making the whole album seem more intimate than anything she has ever done before. Coming 15 years after her last album, Shania’s life has gone through a lot of changes in the years since 2002’s Up! – including her divorce and the years she took off to deal with various vocal problems and a Lyme disease diagnosis. More stories: Report: Homosexuality is illegal in 72 countries across the world Gay romantic drama Call Me By Your Name gets first official poster