Sequin in a Blue Room: Watch the new trailer for award-winning LGBTQ hook-up thriller

Exclusive: Conor Leach plays a 16-year-old whose attendance at an anonymous sex party sets off an exhilarating and dangerous chain of events.


Sequin in a Blue Room, the darkly stylish queer coming-of-age thriller from Samuel Van Grinsven, has a brand new trailer and poster ahead of its release in the UK and US on 9 April.

Starring Conor Leach in a breakout performance, the Australian drama follows precocious 16-year-old Sequin (Leach) as his sexual awakening quickly leads to a world of anonymous sex parties and darkly complex relationships.

An uncompromising exploration of sex and social media, Sequin in a Blue room has already won wide acclaim after showing at Outfest and Toronto International Film Festival, and won the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Sydney Film Festival.

The Jam Report has called it "a necessary cautionary tale for the new queer generation", while The Hollywood Reporter described the film as "an auspicious feature" which explores "the collision between an older generation of gay men and the one that’s coming of age in 2019."

An official synopsis reads: "Sequin in a Blue Room is the story of Sequin, a teenager who is exploring his burgeoning sexuality through an obsession with anonymous, no-strings sexual encounters.

"That is until he finds his way into The Blue Room - a strictly anonymous, limitless sex party - where a whole new, alluring world unfolds before him.

"There, Sequin connects with a captivating stranger, but they are separated suddenly. Utterly fixated on this man, Sequin sets off on an exhilarating and dangerous mission to track him down."

Sequin in a Blue Room is released via Peccadillo Pictures on UK/Ireland & North America digital platforms from Friday 9 April. 

Check out the exclusive trailer below: