Real Bodies | 'Life doesn't end when you get grey hair'

66-year-old semi-retired nurse Jack is the latest Attitude reader to strip off to talk body image.


Jack Lindley, 66

Occupation: Semi-retired nurse

Height: 5ft. 6"/168cm

Weight: 11 stone/70kg

What sort of foods do you enjoy cooking/eating?

I don't cook! My favourite meal is Sunday lunch, cooked by someone else. I especially like Yorkshire puddings. I've always eaten whatever I wanted to, but have stopped eating sweet puddings.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Pleasure is not something I feel guilty about.

Do you feel comfortable naked?

I guess it depends where I am. In the bedroom and on the beach are both fine.

What made you want to do this shoot?

It's a great opportunity to show that life doesn't come to an end when you get grey hair and a bit of a midriff bulge.

Has social media had an impact on the way you feel about your body?

I'd be lying if I said no. It used to a few years ago but it's not something that bothers me greatly any more. I'm at a time of my life where I believe that if I need a perfectly buffed body for someone to like me, or more importantly for me to like myself, then something is wrong with their/my priorities.

Do you think magazines such as Attitude have helped shape that body ideal that so many gay men aspire to?

I'm afraid I have to say yes to that. Looking at the majority of magazines aimed at gay men, there aren't many articles featuring older, “ordinary-looking” guys.

Do you think the gay community puts pressure on gay guys to look good?

Yes of course, particularly the younger guys. That's why I'm happy I'm the age that I am and don't feel the need to have the perfect body or wear the latest fashions. There are good things about getting older.

Do you spend time manscaping?

I don't even know what the term means!

What advice would you give to people about loving their body?

I was reading about an American plus-size model and blogger called Notoriously Dapper, the other day and I believe he puts it perfectly when he says, "Our bodies are beautiful the way they are. True beauty is the beauty we have as individuals. We are all perfectly imperfect."

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