Real Bodies | 'I try not to be naked, even in front of my husband'

Attitude reader Przemek strips off to talk body image.


Przemek Nowak, 37

Occupation: Nurse

Height: 5ft. 5"

Weight: 11 stone

How do you feel about your body?

I’m not very comfortable with my body, maybe because I had a “gym body” two years ago but lost it due to my heart condition and the medication I take. I try not to be naked, even in front of my husband, and I wear a vest even when having sex. I used to love posting topless pictures and I felt good about myself, but then I abused my body by using drugs. My arms were covered in needle marks and eventually I suffered heart failure. After weeks of intensive care my body did not look the same and I was told that my heart was permanently damaged and that I will never be able to return to the same gym routine.

What made you want to do this shoot?

I wanted to fight my fear and insecurity and to show myself and other guys that a good body is not everything.

Who’s your ideal man and why?

My husband, Ben. He is sexy, cheeky and he loves me and cares about me no matter how I look. When he met me I had a gym-fit body but during two years I gained 20kg and he still accepts me and it doesn’t matter how I look.

Do you think apps such Grindr fuel the emphasis on physical appearance?

Oh yes, but I remember being on Grindr before I met my husband and I was the same ignorant guy who didn’t even look at guys with average bodies. Now as a guy with an average body, I know that some of those “fatties” are not people who let themselves go and don’t care how they look. They can’t look different even if they wanted to.

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