Queer as Folk reboot creator 'heartbroken' as show cancelled after one season

Sadly, it joins a growing list of LGBTQ shows being cancelled this year.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Peacock

The reboot of Queer as Folk is the latest in a growing line of LGBTQ shows that have been axed this year.

News that the reboot, which focused on a group of friends living in New Orleans and the aftermath of a Pulse Orlando-style tragedy, had been cancelled was confirmed by creator Stephen Dunn on Instagram on Saturday (24 September)

Sharing an image of the cast he wrote: "It’s a rare gift in these times, and in this country, to be able to make a show as fearless and unapologetic as ‘Queer As Folk’. This experience changed our lives forever and we’re so grateful to have found this incredible new family."

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He continued: "But today we received the disappointing news that we’re not getting a second season. We know how much it’s meant to the fans and while we’re heartbroken we won’t get to make more episodes, we wanna thank everyone for watching and falling in love with Brodie, Mingus, Ruthie, Noah, Shar, Julian, Daddius, Bussey, Marvin, Judy and Brenda.

"We’re so grateful for the chance to honor our community and are so proud of this show."

The cast of the show, which starred Fin Argus, CG, Jesse James Keitel, Ryan O'Connell, Johnny Sibilly, Devin Way, Kim Cattrall, and Juliette Lewis, took to social media as well to express how they felt. 

Johnny Sibilly said: "I will miss you Noah πŸ’” Thank you to the cast & crew of #QueerAsFolk for showing up to tell stories that celebrated queerness. Thank you to Stephen & Jaclyn for trusting me & showing me I could fly with this character.

"Thank you to every person who watched, wrote messages, and stopped me irl to say the show meant something to them. I’ll have this family forever & while it hurts now, I will always be so proud of what we accomplished. Keep supporting queer content y’all. It’s not promised πŸ’•"

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The announcement evoked anger from fans who are gutted to see another LGBTQ show scrapped. 

One person tweeted they were "angry and disappointed" adding, "There are so few shows made from a truly queer perspective with a truly queer gaze," before commending the cas's work.

Another person blasted Peacock for "performative allyship" writing, "Wanna know what performative allyship is? It’s @peacock cancelling Queer as Folk after one season despite record breaking numbers across the world, all because they fulfilled their queer representation quota for the decade."

In June, the cast of QAF spoke to Attitude about the reboot. Dunn told Attitude: "The rights of queer people in America are in danger right now. The stories we’re telling in this show are coming directly from this community under attack. Are being told by, and with, members of this community." 

In July, Dunn seemed optimistic about the show given he was excitedly talking about adding more cameos to Russell T Davies' original 1990s Queer as Folk in the reboot after fans lapped up Charlie Hunnam's quick appearance. 

Queer As Folk joins shows such as First Kill, The Wilds, Batwoman, Gentleman Jack, and Q-Force which have both had shortlived lives but have gained decent followings.