Powerful mural painted on Belfast building in protest at Northern Ireland's same-sex marriage ban

A five-story mural of a married, same-sex couple kissing has been painted on a building in central Belfast. The artwork, created by artist Joe Caslin, forms part of a campaign calling for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland ahead of the Belfast's annual Pride parade this Saturday (August 6). Entitled 'Love Wins', it features an embrace between two women who live in the city. "They travelled to America to get married last year," Caslin explained, noting that the pair could not have got married at home as Northern Ireland remains the only area in the UK in which equal marriage is not yet legal. Speaking about his decision to create the mural Caslin continued: "I believe street art is a conduit for incredible social activism. Using this platform as means of increasing awareness in areas where inclusivity and understanding needs visibility is incredibly important. "And I think the LGBTQ community in Belfast needs us". The artwork is similar to a previous mural by the artist, which depicted two men kissing and was erected in Dublin during the Republic Of Ireland’s same-sex marriage debate. More stories: Daily Mail blasted for ‘homophobic’ coverage of PrEP ruling Take a cheeky peek at Attitude’s new skin-filled fashion shoot – PICS