People applaud Wickes for 'great show of support' at Brighton Pride

Wickes' parade float had the messages 'Ban conversion therapy for ALL', and 'No LGB without the T' on.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Twitter/@Wickes

The home DIY retailer, Wickes, has been applauded for demonstrating how companies can be meaningful allies to the LGBTQ community after its display at Brighton Pride. 

Taking part in the parade on Saturday (6 August) Wickes' float bore banners with the phrases 'Ban conversion therapy for ALL', and 'No LGB without the T'.

In a tweet showing the float off Wickes said: "Proud to take part in @PrideBrighton this weekend to celebrate their 30th year, and even prouder of our LGBTQ+ Network who work hard every day to make sure everyone can feel at home at Wickes #BrightonPride #LetsDoItWithPride #LGBTWithTheT"

In response, one person wrote: "Loved seeing this message in peoples twitter videos yesterday. A great show of support by @Wickes and obviously it’s upset the GCs who are being their usual tragic selves. #BrightonPride #LGBT+ #LGBWithTheT"

Another person enthusiastically typed that "AN UNEXPECTED ALLY HAS ENTERED THE CHAT"

While most reactions echoed these sentiments, there was unexpectedly some negative reaction with one person saying that the float was telling gay people what they should accept "in the name of diversity" and asking if gay people would continue to use Wickes as a result.

One person replied: "Yea absolutely! Wonderful that they’re promoting unity in the LGBTQ+ community rather than the hate and division we start to see elsewhere. It’s great they agree with me that we’re #LGBWithTheT"

This person eloquently explained "Trans people led the Stonewall Riots. They’ve been instrumental in the fight for equality. They looked after us during the AIDS pandemic when no one else would. Gay people who don’t accept the inclusion of trans people don’t belong in our community. #LGBWithTheT"

This year was the first time in three years that Brighton Pride has existed as a physical, in-person event. Christina Aguilera headlined the main stage on Saturday and made a powerful statement in support of the LGBTQ community by slamming Florida's recently enacted 'Don't Say Gay, Don't Say Trans' legislation.

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