Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay review: 'Vibrant luxury on world's greatest party island'

Attitude enjoys the sunny splendour and delicious food on offer at Nobu's stunning Talamanca Bay property.


Words: Charlotte Cijffers; Image: Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay Deluxe Junior Suite

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. In contrast, a trip to the island of Ibiza comes with its own specific set of certainties: blissful weather all year round, swaths of beautiful people jetted in from the continent and a baffling, yet consistent, lack of taxis.

This is the issue Attitude encounters as we attempt our commute to Nobu Ibiza Bay, the swanky five-star hangout of the aforementioned beautiful people, located just a short drive from Ibiza Town in the upmarket suburb of Talamanca. Unimpressed with the prospect of a four-hour taxi queue on the town’s main boulevard, Attitude makes an urgent call to Nobu Ibiza’s concierge who summons an elegant black Mercedes to escort us. Further sanctuary awaits us once we reach the hotel’s beach-chic reception (think: knitted rope, cushioned swing seats and lots of white linen), with a chilled glass of Cava and a friendly smile from reception washing away the previous inconveniences of the day. 

This is not Attitude’s first trip to Nobu. Founded in 1994 by NobuMatsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, and with dozens of restaurants and hotels globally, including an iconic institution in Attitude’s hometown of London, we’re already well familiar with the tenets of the Nobu brand. Exceptional Japanese cuisine and potential celebrity sightings are both high on our list of expectations as we check in to Nobu’s Ibiza outpost and are guided to our Deluxe Double Room with Sea View on the building’s third floor.  

Little details in the room make us feel welcome. There’s a nibbles platter and a bottle of traditional Ibizan digestif Hierbas set up for our arrival, as we throw it back gleefully inside crystal tumblers on the room’s pristine balcony. The view from our on-deck sun loungers feels nothing short of religious, as the white sandy beaches and azure waters of Talamanca’s Ibiza Bay stretch out beneath us. There’s no time for sun salutations though, as we’re whisked off for dinner at Nobu’s signature namesake restaurant, which sits nestled in the right flank of the hotel’s central courtyard, overlooking its long and gently undulating pool.  

We indulge in Nobu’s popular Omakase tasting course, which promises a tour of the best bits of the menu, with the restaurant’s famed Blackened Cod with Miso an indulgent and reliable highlight. We clink glasses over the restaurant’s circular tables, downlit with shadows in warm wooden hues, enjoying a people-watching session of the restaurant’s clientele. It’s a mix of glam continental couples on date nights, large groups of dolled-up party people ready to hit Ibiza’s storied clubs, and a few families with kids aged from toddlers to teens. 

The fact that Nobu Ibiza Bay can attract so many different crowds adds to its magic, with a buffet of activities to cater to all types of guests and their entourages. For parents yearning for a night on the town, little ones can enjoy immersive island activities and cute pool parties, learning words and key phrases in Ibicenco and Spanish from the hotel’s carers. Recently, NobuIbiza also launched a Teen Programme that aims to bring teenagers together to experience Ibiza in style, including day trips to the island’s famous hippy markets or outdoor adventures including canoeing and ziplining. There are plenty of wholesome activities for adults as well, most notably the Ibiza Bay Spa which hosts 1-to-1 sessions including sound-healing and yoga, plus masterclasses in breathwork and injury rehabilitation. There are also jaw-dropping hiking trails around the island to explore, with Nobu Ibiza Bay set to launch a series of three-day luxury hiking retreats from September 2022. 

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay Deluxe Junior Suite terrace

Despite all the wholesome family fun on offer, Ibiza is undoubtedly still the world’s greatest party island. Nobu Ibiza Bay is really getting in on the Balearic party vibes this summer, with sporadic rooftop sessions led by dance music collective, SUCO. And once you’re done admiring the superb view from the roof, the hotel’s Lounge Bar, BiBo, is the perfect place to warm up for a night out with a signature cocktail or nibbles Michelin-Starred chef Dani Garcia, from a menu inspired by local produce and classic Ibizan flavours. It’s here we find ourselves post-Omakase feast, sipping on Caipirinhas and Boulevardiers as we watch the final shreds of sunlight slink below the island’s waterline. Despite Nobu Ibiza Bay’s enviable location — it’s less than a 10-minute drive to iconic Ibiza clubs including Pacha, Lío and Heart — we decide to responsibly retire to bed, delighted to be sinking deep into Nobu’s sumptuous bed linens (they’re so good we Googled them!) and impossibly fluffy pillows. 

We spend the following day lying by Nobu Ibiza Bay’s shimmering hotel pool, opening our eyes to the sun only to accept a chilled glass of champagne or dine on poolside sushi. The beautiful people are nursing their hangovers behind wide-rimmed sunglasses and bright red Bloody Marys, while we sit smugly relishing our choice to indulge in an early night. When the time comes to leave our plush surroundings, we’re relieved to discover another sleek black Mercedes is waiting to escort us to the airport — not a taxi queue in sight! 

Low season room rates start at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay start at 450EUR a night and high season starts at 850EUR.

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