Michelle Visage tells 16-year-old prom dress boy to 'forget about any negativity'

”I don't want you to let your soul be destroyed by anything you see out there,” the Drag Race icon told him


Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: BBC and Twitter/@thisisneenz

RuPaul's Drag Race star Michelle Visage has shared some uplifting inspiration to a 16-year-old boy who attended his prom in a glittering rouge tuxedo and sparkly ball ground skirt.

Korben, the Norwich high-schooler. and his mother joined Visage on her BBC Radio 2 show where Visage reminded the pair to "forget about any negativity".

The presenter went on to advise him: "I don't want you to let your soul be destroyed by anything you see out there."

"Don't let it get into your bubble of positivity because you are just a beautiful soul."

She told Korben that her "very important message" to him is that "you're 16 years old, you're smart but you're also impressionable".

Korben graced his graduation from Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston and his mother, Nina Green, shared photos online and was overwhelmed by supportive messages. 

Nina tweeted: "At age 12 my son announced he wanted to go to his school prom in a gown. Four years later we made it happen."

"I’m so incredibly proud of him for being true to himself & the reception he got from his whole school was incredible," she added before tagging Visage and Pose's Billy Porter for their thoughts on her son’s shining look.

"Ohhhhhhhh yes! You are an amazing beautiful mom and your child is a STAR" Visage tweeted at the images of Korben.

Visage praised Korben’s mum on the airwaves and said she was "inundated" with lovely messages about Korben, who she describes as the "real-life Everybody's Talking About Jamie".

"Nina, we need more mums out there and dads out there who think the way you think," Visage added.

"Knock 'em dead at Norwich Pride, baby!" Visage also said, hyping up Korben, who goes by the name Miss Frou Frou as a drag queen.

Korben will be performing at Norwich Pride at the end of July, 

Korben previously told the BBC that being called an inspirational person is "everything I could ask for."

"All the comments have been really, really lovely - and I've loved having the opportunity to show people you can express yourself," he continued. "I've loved it. I'm going to cherish it forever."

He also recently appeared on ITV's This Morning where he said that although he was nervous about receiving negative comments his mentality is to ignore those messages. 

"It's no one else's business - no one is living your life for you, you've got to embrace it all," he said.

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