Melanie C visits the museum of her life in new 'Who I Am' video - WATCH

And yes – when this is all over, we do want to visit.


Mel C has dropped the music video for her new single 'Who I Am' – and it's set in a museum about her. 

The video starts with Mel walking up to look at classic photographs of herself. But quickly goes on to see tourists do all the things – until the last week or so – you'd expect to see in a museum on a daily basis. 

From filming the statues on smart phones to taking selfies with portraits, the Spice Girl wends her way through tourists taking in the splendour that is Mel C. 

The music video for the anthemic 'Who I Am' is Melanie's first solo single since she reunited with the Spice Girls last year.

She then went straight on tour with queer performance group Sink The Pink on their global tour of Prides.

'Who I Am' feels reflective lyrically but gives us the feels that Mel C is headed back to making big, empowering pop music.

Mel C ensured trans and non-binary power was as much on display as Girl Power during an uplifting performance at Brighton Pride during that tour last year. 

Sporty Spice used her set in the city to quite literally fly the flag for transgender and non-binary people as she performed Spice Girls classic '2 Become 1'.

Drawing raputruous applause as she unfurled the blue, pink and white stripes of the trans and non-binary community, Mel told the audience: "I'm going to get emotional again."

 The 45-year-old singer went on: "This is a flag that we probably don't see often enough - and this is a flag we all want to see a lot more of.

"For anyone in the room who doesn't know, this is the flag for trans and non-binary [people].