Man's fitness monitor accidentally captures the moment boyfriend broke his heart

Like many break-ups, it was through a telephone call that Koby Soto found out that his boyfriend had decided to end their relationship. But what is distinctly unique about this particular breakup is during that fateful conversation, the 28-year-old Israeli was wearing his a fitness aid which monitors you heart-rate while you work out. And it inadvertently captured the very moment his heart broke. Sharing an visual snapshot of his Fitbit data to Twitter, Soto noticed as the call unfolded, his heart rate significantly climbed from 72 beats per minute to 88bpm, peaking at 118bpm much later in the day as the news really sunk in. While some people may see the data as an intrusion, Soto told Buzzfeed it was nice to have a record that confirmed how he felt at the time. “People become less cynical once you show them the numbers or once you show the data or graphs,” he said. “Everyone understands heartbreak, right? Everyone’s felt it. When you have this, it’s interesting - you have something to show.” Chin up, Koby. BH
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