Man who allegedly murdered a man he met on Grindr faces life in prison

Kevin Bacon, 25, was found murdered and mutilated at the home of Mark Latunski


Words: Steve Brown

A man who allegedly killed a younger man he met on Grindr faces life in prison.

Kevin Bacon, 25, from Michigan, told his housemate that he was meeting a man he had been speaking to on the hook-up app on Christmas Eve.

According to his housemate, Michelle Myers, he messaged her saying he didn’t know when he would be home as he was ‘having fun’, according to

When he didn’t turn up to his family’s Christmas breakfast, they became concerned.

Police then found his car in a parking lot where a bag containing his phone, clothes and wallet were found. His car keys were missing.

Kevin’s body was then found on December 28 at Mark Latunski’s home in Shiawassee County’s Bennington Township.

Mark Latunski

Police were led to his home after Facebook posts about the home in question were relayed to the police department, according to Kevin’s dad, Karl.

While speaking to the press, Karl said: “There’s no regulation of law on how they [Grindr] operate and how accountable they are to people’s activities on their apps.

“That was our biggest obstacle in this investigation.

“We did not know where he was going and who he was meeting with.

If he had relayed that information early on, it may not have been avoided, but it could have been accelerated a lot quicker if we knew who and where.”

If found guilty, Latunski faces life in prison.