Lorraine Kelly stands by the trans community and blasts 'conversion' therapy as 'awful and toxic'

The presenter also said the backlash against the trans community is "appalling".


Words: Alastair James; pictures: ITV

Lorraine Kelly has blasted 'conversion' therapy as "toxic and awful" and criticised those leading a backlash and excluding trans people from a ban. 

Speaking to Attitude on the red carpet at the 2022 Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday (8 May) the TV legend and LGBTQ ally said she couldn't understand why the outdated and debunked practices even exist in 2022.

"For me, I don’t understand why we have something so toxic and awful and why there should even be a debate about it," Lorraine said.

"It gets me very angry"

"It doesn’t make any sense to me," she continued. "It’s inhumane and nobody should be subjected to that. It’s absolutely outrageous, it really is. I’d like to think we’re getting to a better place, but I think some of the backlash against the trans community is appalling," she continued. 

She also said: "It’s people trying to get on with their lives and we should be encouraging and accepting and it is ridiculous. It gets me very angry." 

Currently, the UK government is planning to ban 'conversion' therapy for LGB people, but its current plans will exclude trans people.

It follows a leak that long-promised plans for a complete and inclusive ban were being dropped. The outrage this caused led to the government u-turning and recommitting to a ban that would exclude trans people

Last year the TV host and Attitude Honorary Gay Award recipient said it was important her show was LGBTQ inclusive as its named after her. "So it has to reflect the values I have," she said.

She also challenged Dr. Kathleen Stock, a former lecturer of philosophy at the University of Sussex who resigned from her job after a backlash over her views on gender, in an interview on her show. 

Lorraine later said of the exchange: "I think that trans women are women and trans men are men. And that’s what I think. And she doesn’t."

The Attitude May/June issue is out now.