Justin Timberlake is an ex-con raising a gender non-conforming son in emotional 'Palmer' trailer

The moving new drama will premiere on Apple TV+ next month.


Justin Timberlake will mark his return to the big screen next month with a powerful new role in Fisher Stevens' Palmer.

The upcoming drama film - set to premiere on Apple TV+ on 29 January 2021 - stars chart-topper Timberlake as ex-con Eddie Palmer, who is attempting to rebuild his life following his release from prison when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a gender non-conforming boy, Sam (played Ryder Allen), who has been abandoned by his mother.

The emotional first trailer shows the pair bonding as Palmer learns to understand his adoptive son's love of dolls, dresses and imaginary tea parties while fancing his own prejudices - as well as those of the local community.

"There's things in this world you can be and there's things you can't," Palmer tells Sam as he watches a princess cartoon. "How many boys do you see on that show?"

"None", replies Sam, to which Palmer responds "And what does that tell you?"

"That I can be the first", Sam tells him.

As you can imagine, we're in bits already.

Director Fisher Stevens told People that Pamer - which also stars Alisha Wainwright and Juno Temple - is a film "about acceptance, forgiveness and love."

"Two people who ordinarily would never come together, find themselves under one roof to find the family they never had," the Oscar-winning film-maker continued.

""For me, the story strikes a very personal chord and I was so lucky to have gotten to work with Justin Timberlake who along with newcomer Ryder Allen, and the whole amazing cast bring this beautiful story to life."

Palmer is will be released on Apple TV+ on January 29 2021. Check out the trailer below: