Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer to play lovers in Showtime's gay romance Fellow Travelers

The two will star in a gay romance political thriller.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Netflix and Fox

Jonathan Bailey has been cast as Matt Bomer's love interest in a new romance drama and political thriller, Fellow Travelers

The Bridgerton and Magic Mike stars will be joined by Allison Williams in Showtime's eight-part limited series.

Posting about his casting on Instagram Bailey, 34, said: "Epic story. Incredible team. THRILLED to be on board."

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Bomer commented: "So excited and grateful to be working with you in this!"

In his how post marking the news Bomer added: "I’ve been holding this one close to the vest for a minute. I could not be more excited to be sharing the experience of Fellow Travelers with an actor I respect and admire more than I can say, @jbayleaf. And the brilliant Allison Williams @aw ! I’m so grateful that this story is in their hands -and I can’t wait to tell it alongside them."

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Deadline reports that Bailey has been cast as Tim Laughlin, "a young Fordham University graduate, earnest about his political and religious convictions and filled with optimism about the post-WWII future."

Meanwhile, Bomer will play Hawkins Fuller who enjoys a behind-the-scenes and successful role in politics and who is said to 'avoid emotional entanglements" until he meets Laughlin.

Fellow Travelers is said to follow the pair's romance during post-World War Two McCarthyism in America.

McCarthyism was the movement that aimed to uncover a supposed Soevit-communist infiltration of America during the early days of the Cold War.

The two men begin their romance just as Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn declare war on “subversives and sexual deviants,”.

Over 40 years, Hawkins and Tim cross paths through the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s, the drug-fueled disco hedonism of the 1970s, and the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, while facing obstacles in the world and in themselves.

The series is based on the Thomas Mallon novel of the same name.

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