Joel Corry shares his most-played tracks with Spotify Wrapped: 'House music always provides escapism for me'

The DJ, producer and TV personality on the smash hit songs that helped shape his 2021


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Spotify Wrapped 2021 is finally here, and as music fans in their millions dissect their listening habits from the last year, Joel Corry is offering a unique insight into his Wrapped playlist exclusively with Attitude.

Naturally, we were curious to find out what a music industry mainstay like Joel's been getting down to of late, given his years of work both as a music producer (he's collaborated with the likes of RAYE and MNEK in the past) and as a noted DJ.

As you'd expect, 32-year-old Joel - who first rose to fame on reality TV show Geordie Shore all the way back in 2013 before conquering the music industry and scoring a string of hit singles - demonstrates a deep passion for the artform - and it's firmly on display as he sits down with Attitude to reflect on the artists, songs and genres that feature in his Wrapped for 2021.

Joel's top tracks lean, unsurprisingly, towards dance music. His top five of the year include 'Marea (We've Lost Dancing)' by Fred Again and the Blessed Madonna, 'Where Are You Now' by Lost Frequencies and Calum Scott, 'Straight Murder' by Giggs & David and 'Love Tonight' by Shouse.

Of course, DJs are always on the hunt for the next floor-filler, and there's no better place to do that than exploring the millions of songs on the platform.

As such, Joel tells Attitude that he actually discovered the song 'Where Are You Now' on Spotify. "In 2021 I discovered new music mainly through New Music Friday on Spotify," he explains. "I check it every single Friday - and also check the New Music Fridays from around the world to see what's come out."

On the song from his Wrapped most-likely to get the party started, Joel picked 'Love Tonight' by Shouse: "in particular, the David Guetta remix."

"It is the biggest track from my club sets right now," the star explains. "It's one of those ones, when you drop it, the whole dancefloor comes together; a very anthemic, hands in the air moment."

While Joel - who started his producing career back in 2015 - is a dance music expert in general, it's specifically house music that turned out to be his top genre. Explaining why, Joel goes back in time to teenage trips to party island, Ibiza.

"House music always provides escapism for me," he reflects. "I think back to the first times I went to Ibiza in my teenage years and really got into dance music. I fell in love with it back then, and I've stayed in love with it ever since.

"Through music, I find a way to escape all the stresses in life. My best memories come from those moments."

However, one of Joel's top artists of the year is a long way from the dance genre (although he's been known to dip his foot in): Ed Sheeran. 

"A lot of people probably think I just listen to dance music all day long... but that's not the case!" laughs Joel. "When I've got a long drive to get to a gig or I'm chilling at home sometimes - [you've] got to get a bit of Ed on."

He continues: "He's obviously had a huge year this year with his new album. I was lucky enough to remix his smash hit 'Bad Habits'. I got to meet Ed a few weeks ago as well for the first time and he's such a lovely guy. Big up Ed Sheeran, the king."

Listen to Joel Corry's Wrapped playlist on Spotify and below. Find out which artists, tracks and genres defined your 2021 and get your Spotify Wrapped now.