Grassroots group carries out survey to gather experiences of LGBTQ investors

No data exists on LGBTQ investors in the UK.


Pictures: Unsplash

A survey is being carried out to determine the experiences of LGBTQ founders and investors in the UK.

The LGBTQ+ Founder Report by the Proud Ventures group will be used as a foundation to drive positive changes in the start-up ecosystem and figure out what challengers queer investors face. 

A complete lack of data on LGBTQ+ founders in the UK means they're consistently overlooked as a group, according to Proud Ventures. This is in contrast to the available data on LGBTQ+ founders in the US as well as on black and women founders in the UK.

Early data from 120 submissions gathered so far indicates that a majority of LGBTQ+ founders are hiding their identity from investors.

Some have even shared shocking personal stories of their experiences. 

By filling out the five-minute survey, which is for all UK Founders who identify as LGBTQ, people can help provide a clear picture of what it's like to be an LGBTQ+ founder in the UK.

All answers will be kept anonymous. 

Proud Ventures is a UK grassroots collective of LGBTQ+ Investors, VCs, and Angel Investors focused on building a community and network with the aim of supporting LGBTQ+ founders to overcome the LGBTQ+ funding gap as well as more LGBTQ+ people into VC.

The Attitude September/October issue is out now.