Gay men's choir form circle around anti-gay Pride protesters, drown them out with song

A group of anti-gay protesters got an unexpected surprise after they were surrounded by a gay men's choir who drowned out their homophobic slogans with song. The moving incident took place at Knoxville Pride, Tennessee on Saturday (June 17), when the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, who were attending the annual celebration of gay equality, noticed a small but vocal trio of homophobes shouting anti-gay slurs and brandishing signs declaring that, among other things, "homo sex is sin". In an uplifting display solidarity in the face of hatred, the singers decided to stand shoulder in a circle around the men, creating a barrier of sound as they drowned out the slurs with a beautiful rendition of civil rights anthem 'We Shall Overcome'. As if the display wasn't enough to get everybody in the Pride spirit, the legendary Cher later praised the group's actions after seeing the footage online. "SO VERY PROUD OF THEM GREAT VOICES, GREAT SPIRITS", the 'Woman's World' singer tweeted, adding: "THOSE PROTESTERS HATE OUR PPL 4 BEING TRUE 2 THEIR [heart emoji]" We couldn't have put it better ourselves. More stories: Ryan Philippe ‘proud’ to have played US daytime TV’s first ever gay teen See inside the Chechen prison where gay men were allegedly beaten and tortured – WATCH