Gay escort who exposed 40 gay priests to Vatican claims they sent d**k pics over Whatsapp

The male escort compiled the list to stop 'preaching hatred towards gays'


A male escort who exposed 40 gay priests has revealed that they sent each other penis pictures and paid hundreds of euros for sex. 

According to the Daily Mail, Francesco Mangiacapra made headlines this week after he compiled a 1,200-page dossier identifying gay priests and seminarians in Italy in order to stop "preaching hatred towards gays." 

Mangiacapra presented the dossier, which included Whatsapp chats and other evidence, to the diocese of Naples who then forwarded it on to the Vatican.

In the dossier, Mangiacapra claimed that one priest sent him a naked image on Whatsapp asking whether he liked his penis and that priests used Telegram to establish chat groups and find escorts.

He claimed that priests paid "hundreds of euros" for sexual services and sent pictures of their penises to each other while describing how they wanted to have sex. 

Francesco Mangiacapra

Speaking to Catania Today, Mangiacapra explained that his decision to send the document was "not a gesture that goes against the Catholic Church." 

He said: "We are talking about sins, not crimes. I only want this out so that these people will stop preaching hatred towards gays.

"I did it for the health of the church. We are talking about bad apples which, in my opinion, should be reduced to the lay state not to be punished but to have the opportunity to come into contact and reconcile with their own homosexuality." 

He continued: "As a person who enjoys sexual freedom, I do not condemn the homosexuality of the priests: Homosexuality is not a crime, what is condemned is the incoherence of these priests." 

None of the 34 priests or six seminarians were accused of having sex with minors, Mangiacapra was quoted as saying.