Finlayson launch exclusive Tom Of Finland Collection

Finnish textile company Finlayson have launched an exclusive Tom of Finland Collection. Tom Of Finland Finlayson are one of Finland's most popular heritage brands, and have designed a collection in honour of the iconic Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen.) ¬†Collaborating with the LA-based Tom of Finland ¬†Foundation, it features the artist's erotic art on household items such as bed spreads, satin pillow cases, cushions and even towels. Chief Operating Officer of Finlayson, Risto Voutilainen, said that they "wanted to convey the message of respect and tolerance worldwide' with the homage, which features plenty of provocative prints and exaggerated beauty of the male form in all its splendour. "A famous mantra from Tom of Finland was 'I wanted to tell gays they have the right to enjoy life their way. Being together, feeling happy and being proud of who they are'". You can purchase the collection here, and decide whether you want your men on your pillow or your bathtowel: See more at¬†   [wonderplugin_slider id="18"]