Dundee drag queens attacked by group of homophobic men after performing at bar show

The three drag stars were attacked and called homophobic slurs by the group of older men


Three drag queens were chased by a group of older men after facing a torrent of homophobic abuse.

Elliot Glen, 19, and his two friends were leaving a bar named Church in Dundee, Scotland, after having performed at their weekly Bingo Wings drag show when they were targeted by the group of homophobic men. 

Glen, who performs as Ellie Diamond, recalled how he and two other drag performers were attacked when passing a pub with a group of six or seven drunk men standing outside. 

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph, Glen said: "The two others I was with were in drag without wigs and I was wearing boy clothes with full make-up on.

"The older guys then tried to stop us while we were walking past and stood around us and shouted homophobic abuse. We told them to leave us alone and just let us go but they were persistent and getting uncomfortably close to me.

"They started to become physical by grabbing the arm of one of my friends.

"We started walking back when the man grabbed a bag full of styled wigs and swung it about, being very aggressive and shouting at us again."

Glen and his friends made their way back towards their car and called the police but one of the men started chasing after them.

"One of the men started to chase after us," he added.

"The men were really drunk and we had no desire to engage with them in case it made the situation worse. Fortunately, none of us were hurt or injured in the accident, but it shouldn't have happened at all."

Glen, originally from Broughty Ferry, has been performing professionally since September and stated he had never experienced anything like that before. 

He said: "I have never experienced that in my life so it was very scary and I was worried about my friends.

"Something has to be done about this. I will not just let this happen to performers leaving or going to work."

A Police Scotland spokesman revealed they had received a report about hate crime comments being made towards a group on Tuesday (April 24). He also revealed that officers are looking to speak to a group of men in connection with the attack.