Drag Race's Violet Chachki comes clean about who stole Sharon Needles’ crown

After a decade of mystery, the real life game of Drag Race Cluedo has finally been solved.


Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: Instagram/@violetchachki and @sharonneedlespgh

In a shocking turn of events, Drag Race star Violet Chachki has addressed what really happened to Sharon Needles' crown.

After 10 years of shrouded mystery and unconfirmed allegations, Chachki has revealed the truth in an episode of her podcast No Gorge with fellow RuPaul's Drag Race alum Gottmik.

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Chachki was accused of stealing Needles' crown after it went missing at an Atlanta drag pageant both beloved queens were attending. 

The 'Ru-dunnit' case, which became the topic of Drag Race's season five promo, led to fingers being pointed at Chachki as she was spotted with a remarkably similar-looking shining headpiece.

“I performed in the pageant where Sharon [Needles] was wearing her crown – where I stole her crown. [But] I didn’t actually steal the crown. My friend [censored] stole the crown,” she explained.

Chachki goes on to detail that Needles was present to judge the Atlanta pageant and "as you do, you wear your crown to judge the pageant, and you give the scores."

“It was very official. I was backstage and my friends were all backstage helping me. It was, like, loose security back in the day,” she adds.

Chachki says her friends presented her with a surprise after the event: “They were like, ‘We got you something’ and I remember being like, ‘If this is Sharon Needles’ crown, I’m going to kill you'.” 

“They pop the trunk of their Mercedes, and it’s literally Sharon’s crown sparkling at me in the back seat. And I’m like, ‘No!'” she explained.

Chachki adds that it was after watching the promo for season five of Drag Race that Chachki owned up to what had happened: "I was like, ‘I’m just going to post a picture of me wearing it"

“And then it was like articles came out and then the local newspaper picked it up,” she remembers with Gottmik calling her a "scandalous person" for the drama.  

In conclusion to the debacle, Violet confirmed that Sharon’s crown was eventually returned to her by their mutual Radical Faeries friends in Atlanta.

"Sharon has the crown back because my friends were all Radical Faeries," Chachki noted. "And I guess Sharon’s, like, friends with Radical Faeries too. I don’t know.”

Like a game of Drag Race Cluedo, the mystery has finally been solved. 

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