Drag Race's Adore Delano says Bianca Del Rio never believes her compliments: 'I do f***ing mean it!'

"Even up close"


Words: Attitude; pictures: provided

Since its 2009 debut, 194 queens have walked the Drag Race runway (not including international editions). But how many have enjoyed the career longevity of California gurl Adore Delano?

“We’re bringing a live band over to the UK [this autumn],” the rock chick extraordinaire tells Attitude of her illustrious music career.

“I want a live music atmosphere. It’s a different energy when you can smell the music in person. My goal is to incorporate a few new songs with some classics.”

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What were your rejected drag names?

Violet Valentine. I wanted a porn-star name!

Do you dream as Adore?

Sometimes, when I have vivid ones. How do you want your epitaph to read?

How do you want your epitaph to read?

Something like Elvira says. “She was more than just a great pair of legs!”

What would a film of your life be called, and who’d play you?

Dirty Laundry; Miley Cyrus.

What does your Grindr profile say?

I don’t know, I don’t go on it unless I’m wasted at 2am!

Who would you do on Snatch Game tomorrow?

Drew Barrymore or Janis Joplin.

Do you get flashbacks when you watch new episodes of Drag Race?

Yes, especially with Untucked. A lot of the same producers come in. I’m like: ‘Mandy’s still working there?!’

Adore on... self-isolation

Was Drag Race preparation? Oh, totally. Piece of cake, dude. We were in a hotel — they had our doors taped so they could hear if we tried to sneak out! I’d literally have to pass notes under the door: “I’m a fucking smoker, man — can I get some air [!], please?!” I think [once we were in] the top five, they started letting us have little pizza nights once in a while. But you can’t even talk if the camera’s not rolling. When I watch shows like Orange Is the New Black, I’m like, ‘I feel you!’

Adore on... life in LA

I’m in the process of moving apartments in WeHo, six blocks up. Away from the bars, where it’s less tempting! You know the vibe! You do bump into celebrities a lot here. The grocery store is where they all hide out. I’m like: ‘This bitch really shops for herself?’ I saw Goldie Hawn at [US supermarket chain] Pavilions!

Adore on... drag beyond Drag Race

People do base drag culture as starting at Drag Race when that’s not the case. It becomes dangerous when we think of it as the be all and end all. It’s a TV show. On this year’s season, not to age myself, but the oldest one is a year younger than me. I’m like: ‘Dude, what the hell?!’ I remember when we had the Latrice Royales and the Chad Michaels. I knew Chad years before the show, she was that legendary. You look at some of the girls and you’re like: ‘How would they fit in there now?’

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Adore ranks the drag aesthetics of three Drag Race season six queens:

1st - Bianca Del Rio - She never believes me when I tell her she’s beautiful. I do fucking mean it — even up close, she’s beautiful! In person, she’s like a doll. The polish, the makeup... And she has the biggest BDE! That Rihanna factor: she doesn’t care, but she cares...

2nd - Courtney Act - Oh my gosh, what an eclectic group! Courtney’s the love of my life. She can do no wrong. The looks she’s been turning out on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars — she’s killing it.

3rd - BenDeLaCreme - She can wear a plastic bag and captivate me, because she’s such a performer, such a Seattle queen. But I’m ordering them like this based on polish!

Adore embarks on her Party Your World UK & Ireland tour on 30 August

The Attitude July/August issue is out now.