Drag Race UK's Just May ru-veals who should have been in the bottom two

The Drag Race UK queen also wants to move away from her Geri Halliwell impersonation.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: BBC

RuPaul's Drag Race UK's Just May says she should not have been in the bottom two in week one and ru-veals who should have replaced her.

Britain's premier Geri Halliwell impersonator is the first queen to sashay away from the fourth series of Drag Race UK. Speaking to Tia Kofi for Attitude Tea Time May offers her opinion on the elimination.

Insisting that "no one had a bad outfit" and that everyone was "good to middle-ing" May clarifies she would have "taken me out and put her [Copper Topp] in."

Asked by Tia who would have gone home out of Copper and Dakota Schiffer May isn't sure. "I think Copper can do the splits, I think she can do a death drop and things like that. I think Dakota might have gone home...

May decided it was Dakota's "youthful knees" that helped Drag Race UK's first ever trans queen get through the lip sync adding that given the slippery nature of the runway (something we haven't heard much about till now) had Dakota been up against Copper, being able to do a section of the lip sync on the floor and then get up successfully wouldn't have saved her.

Addressing the Geri of it all, May says that "My whole thing with going on the show was I wanted to go in hardcore Geri which is why I went in with the 'Say You'll Be There' outfit. And then I just wanted to have nods to it throughout. So, a lot of my other runways weren't necessarily, actually I don't think any other runway was hardcore Geri."

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As May and Tia bond over their shared herstory of doing Spice Girls-inspired looks on Drag Race UK (Tia was sent home the week she did Mel B) Tia asks May to sum up her brief time on the show in three words.

"Just like Geri," May offers. "Because like her, I was the first to go." 'Just Like Geri' also happens to be the name of May's single. 

Addressing the first mini challenge of the season, which saw the queens pose on top of a black mini cab a la Spice Girls at the London 2012 Olympics, Just May says "if only I knew I would have worn that outfit," presumably referring to Geri's outfit from the Olympic performance. 

Revealing a secret behind her entrance to the werkroom - that someone had got pen on her outfit leading to a slightly unusual hand placement upon entry. Shrugging it off Just May jokes, "every nude delusion conceals a small little damp patch". 

May also reveals she now wants to "depart from Geri" claiming she's "out of outfits" when asked what's next for the queen.

"I've been Geri hardcore for six, seven years. And she was only a Spice Girl for around 18 months in the public eye. I'm out of outfits, there's nothing more I can give. I've got nothing left."

RuPaul's Drag Race UK continues on BBC Three and Player every Thursday.

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