Donald Trump Jr makes insensitive, homophobic comment about HIV/Aids on Twitter

The US President's son has caused outrage online after posting the comment


Words: Steve Brown

Donald Trump Jr has once again caused anger online after posting a homophobic tweet.

Over the weekend, the LGBTQ publication Queerty posted an article on their Twitter account with the title ‘What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV’.

The article itself talks about having sex with someone with HIV and raises awareness that undetectable means untransmittable – meaning the virus cannot be passed on to a partner.

The article was wildly praised online, one person thought it was their responsibility to post an outrageously homophobic comment and that was none other that the US President’s son.

Tweeting, Trump Jr wrote: “Well, I can think of one thing.”

His comment, which many interpreted as an outdated joke about the HIV/Aids epidemic which saw thousands of gay men lose their lives to the virus, was called out by the internet.

HIV-positive Hamilton star Javier Muñoz responded: “Your comment is 100% part of the problem by strengthening Stigma which the entire world, the entire world, is rallying to destroy because it is literally possible, within our lifetime, to end HIV/AIDS.

“This ignorant drivel is all you have to offer? You’re on the wrong side.”