David Gandy is the new face of Wellman Vitamins

David Gandy has become the new face of Wellman Vitamins, the UK's number 1 vitamin for men. Their new campaign launches later this month but luckily for you, we have a behind-the-scenes video of it. The Wellman vitamins offers a huge range of products to suit everyone, from refreshing drinks to new energy fizz formats. In a press release, Wellman Vitamins have said: "The new partnership between the global male supermodel and entrepreneur, and the number one vitamin supplement builds on David's long-standing use of Wellman vitamins." Tomo Brejc Studio Speaking on the collaboration, Gandy reveals how he has used the vitamins since his 20's. He said: "I'm proud to be collaborating with Wellman Vitamins, which I've used since my 20's. I'm a big advocate of their products; they help me to maintain the level of energy I need for a busy lifestyle so they're a great and reliable daily support." In today's hectic lifestyle, everyone's always in a rush and Wellman explain how they can help you out. "Today's lifestyles mean supporting male health and vitality has never been so important; hectic days can negatively affect energy, the immune system and reduce general well being. With Wellman, health and energy levels are helped to be enhanced with a carefully optimized formula, suited for all men, including gym users and sportsmen." Tomo Brejc Studio The Wellman tablets each contain a blend of 28 bio-elements which are all important for male health and for Gandy too. "David continues to stay at the very top of his game. A contributing factor has been his passion for fitness, to keep his performance at its peak both in his personal and professional life." You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of Wellman's upcoming campaign with Gandy below: More stories: Colin Farrell turns 40: The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ star’s hottest ever moments Gus Kenworthy says he’s fallen ‘head over heels’ for boyfriend Matthew Wilkas