Christine and the Queens postpones album and tour dates following injury

Chris was “injured himself on stage while dancing” but rescheduled tour dates are in the works.


Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: Pierre-Ange Carlotti.

Chris, of Christine and the Queens, also now known as Redcar, has delayed his new album Redcar les adorables étoiles and the upcoming live show tour following an injury he sustained during rehearsals. 

The 34-year-old French singer-songwriter, who is performing under the artist name Redcar for the project, “injured himself on stage while dancing” last Thursday (September 8). 

“The doctors have forbidden him to return to the stage for at least three weeks, the time to recover. We are therefore obliged to cancel the concert in Arles on 17 September and to postpone the concerts in Paris and London,” the statement about postponed shows reads.

Subsequently, Chris has also pushed back the release of the Redcar les adorables étoiles album from 23 September to an amended date of 11 November. 

So far, the Paris dates at Le Cirque d'Hiver for 22 September will be valid for the rescheduled 9 November, and tickets for 23 September will be valid for 10 November.

For the London shows, there is no new date yet but "more info to come."

The statement concludes: "We apologize for the inconvenience. It’s going to be fire!"

Last month, the 'Tilted' singer shared with the world that he had been identifying as a man for a year and has changed his pronouns to he/him to reflect his identity.

He explained that it has been a "long process" and a period of reflection that has led to his upcoming album, Redcar les adorables étoiles.

In 2019, the Attitude Award winner shared with us that he "had lots of questions because I couldn’t define myself properly."

"I remember high school as a nightmare for me because everyone defined identity so strictly," he continued. "Fluidity brings more possibilities and I like that."

"You explore, and thank God you can let go of the idea of ticking a box, which never appealed to me. So, yes, more names, more pronouns, and sub-categories, or whatever. There is poetry also in the multiplications of the names."

Previously, the pansexual star shared with Attitude that he was genderqueer in 2019, more recently, however, they have now adopted he/him pronouns.

Redcar les adorables étoiles is due to be released on 23 November.

Listen to the new single ‘Je te vois enfin’ from the upcoming album below: