Children's channel CBBC to air show on transgender boy

_78891680_iamleoChildren's channel CBBC is to air a documentary on a transgender boy. I Am Leo will air as part of the channel's anti-bullying week, and will tell the story 13-year-old Leo, who has lived as a boy since he was five years old and legally changed his name at the age of 11. Kez Margrie, head of CBBC's My Life series, told Ariel magazine: "It feels very much like his journey and story, as told by him. "It’s not about the science or the medicine, it is fundamentally about identity and passion – about a boy taking a stand, saying ‘This is who I am’." The documentary will follow Leo as he meets his friends, as well as talking about his identity with Press for Change's Stephen Whittle and 20-year-old trans woman Natalie. Last month, Cartoon Network featured its first gay characters in an episode of Clarence - read more here. I Am Leo will air on Monday, November 17 at 6pm on CBBC. > Disney Channel features first gay characters in its history