Brighton-based group Night House release break-up inspired music video - Watch

The new single is based around a friend's break-up with his boyfriend


Brighton-based band Night House have released a new relatable music video based on a friend’s break-up.

We’ve all had bad break-ups where your paranoia has got the better of you. Who hasn’t looked at their partner’s phone when they are sleeping?

And Night House’s new video for their latest single ‘Unfold’ shows a same-sex relationship coming to an end in an emotional but very relatable music video.

Written about a friend’s break-up with his boyfriend, singer/songwriter Nick Williams said: “The video for ‘Unfold’ replays the key moments of change in relationship that is breaking down.

“The idea was loosely based on the break-up of a close friend and his boyfriend, and the video draws on the fear, loss, hope and anxiety that is felt when separating.”

Watch the video for ‘Unfold’ below: