Alexis Stone looks back at her most amazing celebrity makeup transformations

Fashionlista, sponsored by Marks and Spencer is part of the Attitude Pride at Home digital festival taking place online from 9-19 June.


Words: Brian Leonard

The master of the art of transformation, Alexis Stone, says she's always been fascinated with looking at a face and emulating it on her own.

That much is clear as the drag sensation recalls some of her previous transformations in Attitude's Fashionlista, sponsored by Marks and Spencer.

Appearing as "the icon" Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil Alexis says, "I don't really do Disney characters, but I've always been attracted to femme fatale characters.

"I had previously done Glenn Close, not as Cruella, but that was really fun paying homage to an iconic character," she continues.

Turning to a different iconic film character, and one of Alexis' favourites, the nightmarish Freddy Krueger Alexis explains she based her look on the 2010 remake of the 1984 slasher.

"They did a different concept for the make-up, which is a lot more terrifying in my eyes, and this is my take on it. Using special effects make-up. He's just so creepy. The idea of being something based off your nightmares, I just find that terrifying."

Commenting on an image of her with YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous Alexis says they did a 'Freaky Friday' by becoming twins. 

It's not the only "head f***" Alxis has been behind as we draw up an image of her, which she clarifies is her and her twin brother disguised as a fake boyfriend and Alexis.

"I simply couldn't be asked to do my make-up during lockdown. So we made some masks of me so I could get into what I call quick drag. And I thought it would be funny to reveal that project by having my twin brother involved."

Finally, with an image of her as the American socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein Alexis shows us the infamous plastic surgery face, which she used to convince us all she'd had major plastic surgery.  

As well as Alexis, RuPaul's Drag Race alumni Bianca Del Rio will be taking a look back over some of her iconic outfits, as will Drag Race UK's Tayce, 'Love's Got a Hold of My Heart' singers Steps and artist and stylist Kyle de'Volle.

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