A woman in the US has filed a lawsuit against all gay people

A woman from Nebraska has filed a lawsuit against all gay people. Religious fanatic Sylvia Driskell, 66, has asked a federal judge to rule whether homosexuality should be considered a sin, reports Omaha.com. Check out her handwritten(!) lawsuit below: nebraska lawsuit “I never thought that I would see a day in which our great nation or our own great state of Nebraska would become so compliant to the complicity of some people(’s) lewd behavior," she says in the lawsuit. "Homosexuality is a sin and that they the homosexuals know it is a sin to live a life of homosexuality. Why else would they have been hiding in the closet(?)," she adds. tumblr_mnj32e271d1qeh5xmo10_500 More stories: Picture Special: Cheeky new instagram trend #undiesoutrestrooms Anti-gay US lawmaker outed over explicit pictures on Grindr