A Disney Channel kids cartoon just aired a gay kiss - and no one batted an eye

A Disney Channel cartoon has aired a subtle but significant moment of same-sex affection. An episode in the third season of Star vs. The Forces of Evil featured a gay couple kissing alongside others, in a victory of LGBT representation in children's media. The episode saw the show's main character, Star, left lovesick at a concert when her best friend Marco shares a dance and kiss with his crush Jackie instead of her.
 During a musical number entitled 'Just Friends', Star is surrounded by happy couples kissing each other - one of which is a gay couple, representing a landmark moment for kids TV drama, which has often shied away from over depictions of gay love.
As uplifting as the moment itself was the collective shrug of the show's audience: The episode did create controversy, but only because young fans were disappointed that Star and Marco didn't get together.
Watch the moment below: