72-year-old woman arrested over alleged homophobic, racist attack on two soldiers in restaurant

Witnesses filmed the altercation at a restaurant in Georgia on Saturday night (April 14)


A 72-year-old woman has been arrested after an alleged homophobic and racist attack on soliders in a restauarant in Georgia.

Footage taken at the scene captured the heated altercation between the two female military officers and Judy Tucker and her son Robbie at Cheddar Scratch Kitchen in Macon on Saturday night (April 14), which reportedly began after a dispute over parking.

According to witnesses, Tucker and her son followed the two uniform-wearing soldiers into the restaurant before reportedly calling them "black b*tches" and adding that they "didn’t know they allowed lesbians to serve."

A video taken by a bystander shows the elderly woman trying to grab one of the soldiers' phones after they began fiming the incident.

Tucker can be heard shouting "put that phone down!" as she shoves one of the female soliders, who tells her she is pregnant.

Fellow diners quickly jump in to separate the woman and her son from the soliders.

A video shared on Instagram showed Tucker being led away from the restuarant in handcuffs.

Popular Military reports that she was taken to Bibb County Jail where she was charged with simple battery and released on a $650 (£450) bond.